Stone setting

Do you need help with stone setting? In that case I can aid you. Since 2010, I have been setting stones in different metals and pieces of jewelry. I use many different techniques, depending on the desired result e.g. pavé or channel setting. Contact for more information and pricing.



3D design

I have many years of experience with 3d design, especially jewelry modeling, and the programs that I use are Rhinoceros and Rhino gold. The completed 3d model can be printed in wax and thereafter casted in a desired metal. I also do 3d renderings by using Arion Render and with this program I can produce photorealistic pictures from your 3d models. You can find References on the site, where TG Design has made all pictures for the jewelry configurator.

Jewelry Photography

A successful picture awakens interest in the viewer and can have a positive outcome on the products sales. If you need a picture taken of your piece of jewelry, for personal or commercial use, I will gladly help you out. All pictures on this website is taken by TG Design. Please contact for more information.